1. We asked over 50 women space leaders for words of inspiration. Here's what they told us

    Author Meredith Garofalo - 03/30/2024

    Current leaders across the space industry share wisdom and advice as we reflect on the achievements of women in space during Women's History Month.

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  2. Spacecraft Test and Evaluation using Semantic Web Technologies

    Author Joe R. Gregory, Alejandro Salado, Lucy Hoag, Barry Jones, Mike Marmar and Alisha Zute - 01/24/2024

    This paper, presented at AIAA SciTech 2024, discusses the use of Violet to aggregate engineering data, creating an Ontological Modeling Language graph for efficient requirements verification in a Low Earth Orbit spacecraft design project.

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  1. Violet Labs CEO Lucy Hoag: Bringing the Software Revolution to Satellite

    Author Via Satellite - 07/24/2023

    Lucy Hoag leads Violet Labs, a software startup looking to transform how rockets and robots are built.

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  2. AWS selects 13 startups for the 2023 AWS Space Accelerator

    Author AWS - 04/18/2023

    AWS announced the 13 global space startups selected to participate in the 2023 AWS Space Accelerator, a technical, business, and mentorship program to help startups advance their space solutions and accelerate their growth using the cloud. These startups are developing inspiring and innovative solutions that address various challenges associated with space sustainability. From 3D-printed space vehicles to orbital robots, satellite solutions built on artificial intelligence (AI), and space-based initiatives that can help us better use Earth’s valuable resources, these emerging startups are leveraging AWS as they develop the next generation of exciting space technology.

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  3. EP27: Lucy Hoag | EVONA‘s Origin Stories Space Podcast

    Author Podbean - 01/25/2023

    Our guest today on the podcast is Lucy Hoag, co-founder and CEO of Violet Labs. Violet Labs are bringing data from all software tools into one place, using cloud-based software integration to ease the entire development lifecycle of complex hardware engineering, from cradle to grave. This platform is enabling huge companies to build spacecraft, launch vehicles, autonomous aircraft, drones and even self-driving cars. On top of being a female leader in the sector, Lucy is passionate about inclusivity and products that add value to various underrepresented groups in tech.

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  4. The Top Startups of 2022 - Wellfound (formerly AngelList Talent)

    Author Wellfound - 01/01/2023

    Wellfound has selected 10 groundbreaking teams across 10 trending industries to showcase as we close out 2022. We selected these teams based on their potential to not only succeed, but to transform their respective industries.

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  1. Software for Hard Engineering | The Space Capital Podcast

    Author Space Capital - 08/25/2022

    In episode 2.7, we talk to Lucy Hoag, Co-Founder and CEO of Violet Labs, a company building a cloud-based software integration for complex hardware engineering.

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  2. Violet Labs: Making Hard Tech Easier

    Author Michael Palank - 08/22/2022

    Today we are excited to announce our investment into Violet Labs, a cloud-based software integration platform for the development of complex hardware/software products.

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  3. Meet the ex-Amazon satellite engineers wanting to disrupt hardware workflow

    Author Aria Alamalhodaei - TechCrunch - 08/22/2022

    Violet Labs developed a cloud-based platform to can act as a single source of truth, collecting data from all the tools and making them accessible across teams.

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  4. Engineers need better tools to design spacecraft and robots more quickly

    Author Tim Fernholz - Quartz - 07/14/2022

    KittyCAD and Violet Labs want to give hardware engineers the tools that revolutionzed software design.

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